Membership Introduction

Dear Prospective Member: (Active, Associate, Life, Vendor)

The New England Association of Fire Chiefs has had a long standing history since 1922. That’s┬áninety-three years of dedication to the fire service leadership in New England. Regardless of the type department, paid, call, volunteer or a combination of these or a member of the business community associated with the fire service, we are all dedicated to the same objectives, i.e.: “TO SAVES LIVES AND PROPERTY FROM FIRE” and the many other services that we are called upon to do. The bottom line is that we all face many problems of which many are commonplace to all of us.

In order to resolve the many problems that face us and attain the objectives of our service, the ASSOCIATION is constantly searching for methods to improve the fire service, particularly at the Chief officer level where the promotion of professional development is of the utmost importance.

To meet the challenges that face all of us, the ASSOCIATION has taken a commitment to providing professional development seminars and conferences (with over 300 exhibitors demonstrating the latest technology and state of the art equipment) to enhance every Fire Officers performance level.

The size or style of your department or business is unimportant to us. What is important is your input and participation in this organization. The rewards both professionally and personally are immeasurable. Come network with us, it’s the only way to succeed.

Should you desire to accept our invitation please fill out the enclosed application and return it to me; you won’t regret it.

Sincere best regards,

Chief Richard K. Wehter, Ret.