Educational Seminars

Date: June 20, 2019
Educational Program: Developing Critical Incident Decision-Making Skills
Location: Foxwood Resort and Casino
Instructor: Chief John Sullivan, Brookline Fire Department, MA

This is an interactive workshop focusing on the significant leadership and safety challenges faced by fire chiefs, company officers and incident commanders at critical incidents. Guided by Chief John F. Sullivan of the Brookline Massachusetts Fire Department, this session will focus on the early identification of indicators which have “critical event” potential; techniques for getting ahead of and maintaining control of the decision-making curve, and the fundamentals of safety leadership that are needed to preserve fire ground discipline at all levels.

Often, “critical events” are once-in-a-career type incidents, and are most often test our proficiency beyond our normal scope of practice. Many “critical” events are a result of forces beyond our immediate control; others are the result of a seemingly “routine” incident gone horribly bad due to flawed decisions. This earnest and passionate dialogue will focus on those “routine” events that blossom out-of-control and often times lead to tragic consequences.



Date: June 20, 2019
Educational Program: Forcible Entry for Line Officers and Firefighters
Location: Foxwood Resort Fire Station
Presented by: Paul J. De Bartolomeo, T & J Rescue Enterprises LLC., CT Custom Fire Training LLC.

Forcible Entry class consists of a full 8 hour day that can accommodate 32 students. The class begins as a 2 hour interactive power point on all facets forcible entry related. The class then is broken up into four groups. The four skill stations consist of inward opening forcible entry, outward opening forcible entry, and through-the-lock.

Educational Program: Machinery Rescue by Take the Door Training
Presented By: Auggie Matt

Machinery Rescue The 8 hour machinery rescue operations class consists of a power point overview of some tools, Lockout/Tagout, and medical considerations. The class is then broken up into groups and run through various skill stations including a tool lab, fence impalement, meat grinder, hand and finger entrapment, and other skill stations. Students will be taught how to handle these machinery rescue incidents and gain familiarization with various types of hand and power tools. All props and equipment is provided.