Educational Seminars

2022 NEAFC Fire/Rescue/EMS Expo Education

Schedule Subject to Change

All H.O.T. programs will be held at the Worcester Fire Department Fire Academy.


  • Thursday June 23, 2022: 08:30-16:30
    Line Officers and Firefighters:  Paul DeBartolomeo, CT Custom Fire Training LLC. & Dan Gordon Flash Fire Industries

    • Forcible Entry Hands On Training
      This class combines classroom discussion with Hands On repetition to reinforce the basic tenants of forcible entry. The classroom portion focuses on 3 types of entry (conventional, thru-the-lock, power tools) and provides the students with insight and experiences dealing with each. Once outside students will learn conventional forcible entry techniques using the “Shock, Gap, Set, Force” method to force realistic inward opening doors. In addition, students will also learn to force challenging outward opening doors typical in commercial establishments, use the power tools to cut various types of metal, and learn and utilize through-the-lock techniques in order to understand & manipulate various locking mechanisms.
      Location: Worcester Fire Department Training Academy
      Presented by: Paul J. De Bartolomeo and Daniel Gordon
      CT Custom Fire Training LLC. & Flash Fire Industries
    • Paul DeBartolomeo Owner and Lead Instructor.
      Paul has been a member of the fire service for more than 30 years in both the career and volunteer ranks. He started his career as a volunteer in 1990 in Stamford C.T. He is also a 23-year veteran of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), where he is assigned to Ladder Company 28 in Harlem. DeBartolomeo is a nationally certified Pro-Board instructor, as well as an adjunct instructor for the Connecticut Fire Academy and provides lectures and hands-on training nationwide. DeBartolomeo has been featured in Fire Engineering’s Training Minutes video series, was a lead instructor for an F.D.I.C. H.O.T. class, was an F.D.I.C. classroom presenter, and is a contributing author for Fire Rescue Magazine. He is the owner & lead instructor of CT Custom Fire Training LLC.
    • Flash Fire Industries
      Daniel Gordon has served as both a career (FDNY) and volunteer firefighter for the past 18 years. Flash Fire Industries was started to address one of the fire department’s toughest challenges: training. As the requirements have gotten tougher and more extensive, the availability of acquired structures have decreased and the rules regarding them have gotten stricter.
  • Thursday June 23, 2022: 08:30-16:30
    • Line Officers and Firefighters: Machinery Rescue by Take the Door Training H.O.T. Class Presented by Auggie Matt Machinery Rescue. The 8-hour machinery rescue operations class consists lecture reviewing case histories, identify hazards, types of energy, lockout/tagout, and medical considerations. The class is then broken up into groups and is run through various skill stations including a tool lab, fence impalement, meat grinder, hand and finger entrapment, and other skill stations. Hands On Training! EYE PROTECTION, HEARING PROTECTION AND TURNOUT GEAR IS REQUIRED FOR PORTIONS OF HANDS ON TRAINING.
      Location: Worcester Fire Department Training Academy
      Presented by: Auggie Matt
  • Thursday June 23, 2022: 09:00-12:00
    • John Salka – Fireground Responsibility
    • In this program chief Salka takes a critical look at the line-of-duty death of a firefighter and the many contributing factors that played a role in the event. Using the report issued by NIOSH after their investigation, each of the factors, events and decisions related to this fire are examined to discover if anything could have been done differently with more positive results. Issues such as SCBA usage, accountability tactics, risk vs reward decision making, survival skills and communications are all discussed and debated to uncover the real cause of the LODD and the possible actions and decisions that can be made in the future to prevent another similar tragedy. This program contains lessons and skills that apply to all ranks and levels including firefighters, company officers and chiefs.
  • Thursday June 23, 2022: 13:00-15:30
    As in life, the business world faces change on a daily basis. How a business reacts to change often has a direct impact on whether that business succeeds or fails. Failure is often the product of poor planning. The fireground is where battles are fought, and if we fail it is often with disastrous results. In the business world, if a business fails, it can be disastrous for the leaders; the team; and, most of all, the customers.  This program takes the strategy and tactics used by today’s fire service leaders and applies them to the business community. What is revealed is how the Incident Management System (IMS), a nationally recognized methodology used at every fire or major disaster, when applied to a business operation, can ensure successful and productive results no matter what obstacles or challenges you may face.  We don’t want you to just see the light at the end of the tunnel, we want you to BE at the end of the tunnel!


  • Chief John Salka (retired) will be the 2022 Keynote Speaker at DCU Center on Friday, June 24th: 8:30am-10:00am.  John Salka served with the FDNY for over 33 years and last served as the Battalion Commander of B-18 in the Bronx. His FDNY career included assignments in some of the department’s most active units including Rescue-3, Squad-1 and Engine-48. He also worked at the FDNY Fire Academy in several capacities including instructing at the Probationary Firefighters School, the Captains management Program and the Battalion Chiefs Command Course. He was a frequent contributor to the FDNY Training Magazine, WNYF and participated in seminars for the NY Firefighters Burn Center Foundation.  Outside the FDNY Chief Salka worked for the NIOSH Firefighter Safety and Survival program and conducts training and educational presentations for fire service, military and corporate audiences.  Soaring With Eagles: Bold, Honest and Realistic Leadership.  If we have learned one thing from recent events, it’s the fact that integrity is more important than ever. A leader cannot produce or succeed if he or she is without integrity and a strong belief in core values. Your integrity defines your character. Your character is defined as how you are and how you act when no one is watching! Your core values provide the foundation for your mission and your vision. So many of today’s business leaders along with those that will succeed them someday lack foundation. Several will talk about core values, but many have not been shown how to live by those values. In the leadership world, it’s hard to soar to great heights with wings that are weak and tarnished.